Lost Airpoints™ card?

If your Airpoints™ card is missing it's easy to order a replacement. You can continue earning Airpoints Dollars™ while you wait for it to arrive, with the Air NZ mobile app.

You can always call us if you've lost your card. It may take up to four weeks to arrive, and a replacement card fee may apply.

Until then you can keep earning Airpoints with your digital Airpoints card which can be found in the Air NZ mobile app.

Elite or Gold Airpoints members

All other Airpoints members in NZ

Silver and standard Airpoints members living overseas

Unfortunately, we're unable to send Silver or standard cards overseas. We can however send Silver cards overseas for a fee of NZD$25 or A25, please contact us.

The good news is you can still earn Airpoints Dollars. Just enter your Airpoints number when you make a booking or check in for a flight.

Missing Airpoints card with OneSmart functionality

Could your active, prepaid OneSmart card be between the couch cushions at home? Or on a subway car in New York? It's a good idea to suspend it temporarily. If you find it, you can reactivate it. If it's gone, your money stays safe.

  • Log in to your OneSmart Account
  • Under 'Settings', select 'Card Settings'
  • Select 'Suspend card'

If you do find your card, you can go back to 'Card Settings' to reactivate it and carry on spending.

If you can't find it anywhere, call 0800 787 555. We'll cancel your lost card permanently, and send you a replacement. Your new card will be pre-loaded with all your remaining funds.

Use your Airpoints card with the Air NZ mobile app

Airpoints on mobile app.

You can earn Airpoints Dollars even if you don't have your Airpoints card handy. Just use the Air NZ mobile app instead.

  1. Download/update the latest version of the Air NZ mobile app
  2. Open the Air NZ mobile app
  3. Tap 'Airpoints' at the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap the Airpoints card image to bring up your digital barcode. This can now be used at all Airpoints retail partners to earn Airpoints Dollars.
  5. If you're a Silver, Gold or Elite member, you will also see a Travel card image. Tap this to verify your Star Alliance status.